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Over the years, Safe Skies has had the honor of helping people protect their precious photos, documents, and data. Over the years, we have also been challenged with one easy-to-answer question. “Why should I choose you?” We all protect our loved ones and close friends without hesitation, but entrust a machine to protect our second most valuable possession – our memories. This is where Safe Skies has drawn and crossed a clear line in the sand to differ from our competitors. You took photos, videos, and documented everything from your child’s graduation, to your first grandchild, to Nana’s 100th birthday, because these are what makes life worth living.

What would you do if these disappeared? 31% of PC users have lost ALL of their files due to events beyond their control. We all think it can’t happen to us… until it does. At Safe Skies, we offer a managed back-up solution, meaning a human is responsible for backing up your past, present, and future memories. Because if you care enough to save it, we care enough to keep it safe.